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Biodiversity Informatics

  • Nicky Nicolson is Senior Research Leader
  • Rob Turner is data architect and leader on the PoWOP project
  • Carolina Tovar is an Early Career Research Fellow. She builds and populates species distribution models
  • John Iacona is lead biodiversity informatician who is working on PoWOP development and getting software at Kew into the open source world
  • James Crowe is senior biodiversity informatician working on PoWOP development

Plant and Fungal Names

The Plant and Fungal Names team is comprised of editors for two of Royal Botanic Garden, Kew’s largest plant names databases. Rafaël Govaerts leads the team and compiles the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.

Editors of the International Plant Names Index are

Questions about the IPNI can be sent to and questions for The Checklist go to

Spatial Analysis

Justin Moat is a Research Leader. He gets to tinker with drones and satellites.


Joe Parker is an Early Career Research Fellow. He plays around with portable DNA sequencers, cloud computers, and Raspberry Pi computers.